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Hematology Reagent
产品: Hematology Reagent
We supply hematology reagents for nearly all brands and models, such as for Sysmex, Nihon Kohden, Abbott, Beckman Coulter, ABX, Mindray and so on. For ...
公司: [ CN] HongYa Medical Co., Ltd.
automatic biopsy needle
产品: Automatic Biopsy Needle
1.unique dotting design provides perfect imaging of the needle tip under ultrasound guidance 2.two-step activation and automatic ...
公司: [ CN] Zhuhai Ushare Medical Inc.
Disposable chest drainage bottle
产品: Disposable Chest Drainage Bottle
1.Chest drainage bottle is a single use disposable unit which is designed to forward collected drainage into a collection chamber by the liquid static ...
公司: [ CN] Suzhou Riyuexing Plastic Co.,Ltd
Bladderless Neonate TPU Film NIBP Cuff
产品: Bladderless Neonate TPU Film NIBP Cuff
Since 1989, Shenzhen EMS LIFE Technology Co.,Limited with more than 20 years in design and manufacturing of medical accessories, we are proud of being ...
公司: [ CN] Shenzhen EMS LIFE Technology Co.,Limited
heparin cap
产品: Heparin Cap
Name:Heparin cap Size :common Packing :100pcs/box,20box/ctn,2000pcs/size,33x29x27cm/4kgs MOQ:5000PCS/SIZE
公司: [ CN] Shandong SINORGMED Co.,Ltd.
SY-E 1:1 Contra Angle with Push Button
产品: SY-E 1:1 Contra Angle With Push Button
Innovation not only brings convenience to professionals, but with more surprises. Now our new product SY-E 1:1 Contra Angle handpieces with Push Button ...
公司: [ CA] SY Dent manufacture Co., Ltd.
产品: Defibrillator
ECG: ECG lead:I,II,III, a VR, a VL, a VF, V1-V6 S-T segment analysis: -2.0-2.0mv Protegtion: withstand 4000v AV/50HZ voltage in isolation and work against ...
公司: [ CN] Lonsino Medical Products Co., Ltd
产品: Syringe
Product Description: 1).Specifications: three parts, luer slip,luer lock with needle or without needle 2).Capacity: 1, 2, 2.5, 3, 5, 10, 20, 30, 50, ...
公司: [ CN] Jiangxi Yikang Medical Instrument Group Co., Ltd
TV Tuner
产品: TV Tuner
Electronic TV Tuners Our companuy provide all kinds of tuners include DUB-S,DVB-T,DVB-C TUNNER ,CATV TUNNER ,RF MODULATOR to TV Industry and Maintenance ...
公司: [ HK] S.H.T. Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd.
syringe,infusion set
产品: Syringe,Infusion Set
we are the largest mamufacturer of syringe in china.we will give you the good price. The sort of product include: 1): Syringe set, two part and three ...
公司: [ CN] shandong tian he ceramic co.,ltd
Disposable syringe
产品: Disposable Syringe
1. Material: medical grade PP,PC and ABS. 2. Non-toxic, non-pyrogenic and EO sterilized 3. Luer lock or luer slip 4. With or without needle 5.Sizes:1ml, ...
公司: [ CN] shengguang medical instrument co.,ltd
X-ray machine
产品: X-Ray Machine
Radiography table can move lengthways and crossive ,can loaded all kinds of radiography dark box,use conveniently and it is beautiful.
公司: [ CN] Guangzhou yuetech import & export co.
transparent dressing
产品: Transparent Dressing
transparent, breathable,soft
公司: [ CN] Shanghai xindong medical material Co.,Ltd
产品: Wheelchair
This wheel chair is made of steel rolling with powder coated. Imported motor and easy to patient. This chair is folding and adjustable. It is comfortable ...
公司: [ CN] beijing bsmk medical instrument co. ltd
Gauze Sponge
产品: Gauze Sponge
1.exceeds USP Type VII gauze requirements
公司: [ TW] YOHO Medical Enterprise Co., Ltd
Beneware Holter Recorder More Than 44 Kinds of Histograms HRV QT LP HRT TWA VCG VLP
产品: Beneware Holter Recorder More Than 44 Kinds Of Histograms HRV QT LP HRT TWA VCG VLP
Holter Recorder With the state-of-the-art design and the outstanding technology, CT series Holter recorders combines the ultimate comforts with the ...
公司: [ CN] Beneware Medical Equipment Co., LTD.
 Digital Three Channel ECG
产品: Digital Three Channel ECG
Features High resolution thermal printing system ,high precision 12 leads collection in phase as well as 3 leads printing in phase ...
公司: [ CN] Contec Medical System Co., Ltd
Patient Monitor
产品: Patient Monitor
15''TFT display, Resolution 1024*768 6 display interface 720 hours trend data storage, 12 hours waveform review Suitable for adult, pediatric ...
公司: [ CN] Mature Monitoring Device Co., Ltd
Stainless steel Kidney Tray
产品: Stainless Steel Kidney Tray
We would like to introduce our company as a manufacturers and exporter of Surgical Instruments,Dental Instruments,Beauty Care Instruments and Hollow Ware ...
公司: [ PK] Mhad International
leep RFS-3800k
产品: Leep RFS-3800k
Features Specifications: Radiofrequency Technology High Radiofrequency of 1.5MHz-4.2 MHz The best device and the most advanced technology for high-frequency ...
公司: [ CN] Beijing Greenland Science & Technology Development Co.,Ltd
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