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LED Torches
产品: LED Torches
* Design to replace Bike lighting globe currently available in markets worldwide "using" lower wattage compared with the original product (10W). ...
公司: [ ] Ting Immediately Ind Co., Ltd.
Sugarcane Juice Extractor
产品: Sugarcane Juice Extractor
Good helper of organic, health food. Here is another outstanding product by Young Soon Lih Food Machine Co. Ltd., a Sugar Cane Juicer F-117. This is a ...
公司: [ TW] Yung Soon Lih Food Machine Co., Ltd.
GPS Data Loggers / Locators
产品: GPS Data Loggers / Locators
K-18 is a GPS data logger that provides accurate GPS satellite tracking and data logging onto a micro SD card. K-18 is used for recording journeys, and ...
公司: [ TW] ARKNAV International Inc.
Mini Air Compressors
产品: Mini Air Compressors
Air compressor for all airbrushing applications. 1. Style: AC-100. 2. Motor: 1/8 HP AC. 3. Airflow: 12-14 LPM. 4. Max. pressure: 80 psi. 5. Weight: ...
公司: [ TW] Ding Hwa Co., Ltd.
Capacitors for Power Electronics
产品: Capacitors For Power Electronics
Applications: DC linking or DC filtering in Voltage converters, Frequency converters, Traction drives, Industrial drives, UPS, Medical equipment. Features: ...
公司: [ TW] Yuhchang Electric Co., Ltd.
Platform Control Module
产品: Platform Control Module
A8KPCM - The Platform Control Module is used for configuration monitoring and setting the ACION 8000 plug-in application modules by the button and LCD ...
公司: [ ] TWOWAY Communications, Inc.
Custom Choke Coil
产品: Custom Choke Coil
Custom choke coil with wide frequency range, assorted sizes are available
公司: [ TW] G-Ga Company Ltd.
1/2U redundant power supply
产品: 1/2U Redundant Power Supply
AC Input: 1.Voltage: 90~264V AC Full range. 2.Frequency:50/60Hz 3.Input current: 8A for 115V AC, 4A for 230VAC. 4.Inrush current: 60A for 115VAC, 80A ...
公司: [ ] Sure Star Computer Co., Ltd.
Waterproof USB Connector
产品: Waterproof USB Connector
Material 1. USB CONN 1-2. Housing : LCP UL94V-0; Color : Black 1-3. Contact : Brass 1-4. Shell : Brass 2. PARTS 2-1. Extemal Housing, PBT UL94V-o, ...
公司: [ TW] South Sea Terminal Co., Ltd.
产品: Filter
Application: x.xG WiMAX, WIFI, Sirius satellite radio, Sirius XM radio, XM radio, DAB, GPS L1 Band, GPS L2 Band
公司: [ TW] Cirocomm Technology Corp.
Micro Switches
产品: Micro Switches
1. Small dimensions, just 12.8 x 5.8 x 6.5mm (0.504" x 0.228" x 0.256"). 2. Mechanical life: min. 5 x 10 cycles. 3. Good feeling and more ...
公司: [ ] Dicgu Enterprise Co., Ltd.
U-Frame Power Supply, 60~90W, Single Output
产品: U-Frame Power Supply, 60~90W, Single Output
Dimension : 139.5(L)x80(W)x40.5(H)mm Input Voltage : 100~240VAC Input Frequency : 47~400Hz Inrush Current : 22A /115VAC (Cold start) 44A/230VAC Output ...
公司: [ TW] Acro Engineering Incorporation
Brass and Copper EDM
产品: Brass And Copper EDM
Brass and Copper EDM 200 - 300mmL
公司: [ ] Taiwan Precision Tube Co., Ltd.
产品: Adapters
公司: [ TW] P&M Industrial Refrigeration Co., Ltd
4K HDMI Extender Over CAT.X With IR, Serial, LAN, 100M
产品: 4K HDMI Extender Over CAT.X With IR, Serial, LAN, 100M
HDBaseT HDMI Video Extender, 4K HDMI Extender Over CAT.x with IR, Serial, LAN. EVBMN-M110, transmits uncompressed HDMI video 4K 30Hz up to 70 meters and ...
公司: [ TW] Rextron International Inc.
Electric Actuator (OM-A)
产品: Electric Actuator (OM-A)
Sun Yeh actuators suit for ball valves, butterfly valves, plug valves, and damper, etc., which are widely applied for the control on water level, temperature, ...
公司: [ TW] Sun Yeh Electrical Ind, Co,.Ltd.
Water Dispensers
产品: Water Dispensers
R134A compressor cooling: 1. Cook and cold type is available. 2. Adopt the material met food safety requirement, hygienic and safe. 3. Both hot and ...
公司: [ CN] ShenZhen J&D Drinking Water Equipment Co., Ltd.
GS Combi ( True Sinewave Inverters)
产品: GS Combi ( True Sinewave Inverters)
The GEO solar combi is the ideal solution for off-grid and grid back-up systems. It is a powerful all-in-one solution, delivers unsurpassed clean true ...
公司: [ TW] Geoprotek Technology Inc.
LED Panel Lights
产品: LED Panel Lights
Mingxue 20W Led Round Panel Light are a great energy efficient alternative and they can save you money and help reduce your impact on the environment, ...
公司: [ CN] Shenzhen MingXue Optoelectronics Co., Ltd
Wire & Cable Series
产品: Wire &Amp; Cable Series
Hsiang Chuan has been in the field of braiding machines for more than 40 years. By having an energetic and professional team in HC Taiwan, we produce and ...
公司: [ TW] Hsiang Chuan Machinery Co., Ltd.
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